IT Pool Party
A place for MSPs to collaborate

Fresh new MSP platform coming soon. Until then, join our slack community and say hi.

What is the IT Pool Party?

Today, it's a slack community of MSP owners that share ideas, services, and more with other MSPs around the world. Our slack group was created by Chris & Paul, who both own MSPs in South Florida. Discussing shop over a frothy beverage in the pool back 2016, the idea spun off as a simple few members, but has organically grown to 1100+ managed services providers across the globe.

Why should I join?

Running a business is tough. Why do it alone? Go ahead - Ask something nerdy. RMM Questions? Which one is best? Hear it from MSP owners themselves. What about industry challenges? Growth strategy? Yep. Our community is talking shop around the clock.

Whether you're looking for help with your business or just want to lurk, this is a community that is challenging the industry.

Sign up?

ITPP is growing and we have some exciting features to release. Until then, feel free to sign up and join our slack community. The water is nice!

Our sign up form asks questions about your MSP - Don't be alarmed, this data is secured and used to create your profile. Whatever questions not answered will be blank when we release the platform. We'll notify you when we're close to launch.

Have Questions? Phone: (321) 750-5885

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